4-Port Remote Power Switch Web Control + RS232 Console

4-Port Remote Power Switch Web Control + RS232 Console
4-Port Remote Power Switch Web Control + RS232 Console
4-Port Remote Power Switch Web Control + RS232 Console

4-Port Remote Power Switch Web Control + RS232 Console

Remote power switch with 4 AC power outlets. Intelligent Power Control with Timer/Scheduler and control through internet. Web Power Controller For Remote Power Management. This premium remote power switch/distribution system is designed to provide remote management of AC power distribution and AC power operation control for all powered equipments through local network or internet. This device is an intelligent power controller with four power outlets.

This compact PDU is standalone network appliance that requires no expensive master controller. Each outlet can be independently turned ON/OFF or cycled for power-on reset.

Power can be controlled remotely via LAN/WAN or serial RS-232 connection. Complete control over when and what sequence equipment is restored with a time d delay or scheduled on/off/ shutdowns to conserve energy in the data center.

Eliminate service calls and increase reliability. Eliminate problems with brownouts and blackouts. Network Server Remote Reboot Network equipments like routers or data servers sometimes "locks-up", requiring a service call just to flip the power switch to perform a simple reboot. This remote power switch can allow administrators to control reboot the power supply to the PC or server at remote site.

No longer need to waste human time to send someone to the site for a physical power reset or system re-boot. Equipment Protection/Energy Savings This remote power controller can help users protect sensitive devices or valuable equipment by keeping them powered off when not in use. This prevents hackers from detecting them at all times. Very suitable for energy related or network application by powering down equipments when not needed for power savings and to save on wear and tear or powering up environmental system such as UPS, power generator, heaters, coolers, pumps, fans, lighting, signage, network routers/hubs/switches, DSL/Cable modems, ATM's, servers, firewalls and security surveillance system, etc.

Intelligent Power Control with Timer/Scheduler This power controller provides configurable timer/scheduler setup. The time scheduler function provided from the web control panel can help users arrange and perform pre-set power events on desired outlet based up the preset schedules. No complexity and no software skill required.

And these schedules can be reprogrammed at any stage (over the Internet or local Ethernet). Users can program the power operations to be performed at specific time of the day as needed. And the recurrent parameters supported in the timer function includes. Week days (for Monday through Friday). Easy Web Control And Configuration This management of this power controller is all easy web administration for all configuration. Its built-in Linux-based web server provides users with intuitive web control panel. Its web control panel provides important power control functions such as remote power scheduling, remote power setting and remote power status report, which can all be accessed via internet or local network.

Screen shots for major functions are provided blow for illustration purpose about how the unit is used and performed. Security and Co-Location Features This remote AC power switch/power strip is password protected for security. Address-specific IP security masks prevent unauthorized sources from accessing the control menu through the network.

This power switch provides two levels of operational passwords; the system administrator level, which allows access to all configuration and switching functions, and the user level which only allows switching of assigned plugs. The user-level security features are ideal for co-location applications, where multiple users may be allowed plug-specific access to the power switch. Safety Self-Protection This intelligent power switch provides 2 different system shutdowns for safety measure. Auto Shutdown By Current Overload This remote power switch has a circuit breaker built in for protection of devices connected to the power switch. This remote power switch will be automatically shut down for responding to a.

Manual Shutdown By Master On/Off Power Button A master power on/off button plus combination of push buttons on the front panel of switch box are provided for local operator to override the remote control mode and take control of this power switch in an emergency. No need to unplug the power cord or run to trip a breaker from the power panel. IP-addressable power distribution unit with built-in web server with 4 AC power outlets.

A new way to control power supply of the remote equipments via internet without the presence of personnel. Support power supply control via the local LAN or internet using. No special software required to be installed on the PC for accessing the power controller unit. No field trips required for network reboot. Timer/Advanced scheduler for powering switch.

This unit can pre-set the time schedule to turn power on/off thru Internet/Ethernet. Support NTP (Network Time Protocol) to synchronize the time of the power controller box to the internet current time. Supports manual power mode for local control of the power switch for all 4 outlets in case of emergency. Supports daisy chain connection with other remote power switches or power outlet with using daughter device. Factory Defaults: In the event that the password is forgotten, or IP address has been programmed to an invalid number, administrator can always reset the power switch back to its original factory defaults and/or set its IP address.

Set up individual power outlet default : When regaining power, the power box can restore each outlet to the default status settings. Security access: dual-password setup for access security to prevent unauthorized sources from accessing the control menu through the network. Supports external controls via RS-232 serial port or http commands. Designed for high voltage resistance and protection for leakage of electrical currency, using nonflammable materials.

Reboot- Remote power reboot of any device like. Network Routers, Data Servers or Server Farm. Protection- power connected power devices by keeping them powered off when not in use. This prevents hackers from seeing them at all times.

Saving Energy- Power down equipment when not needed for power savings and to save on wear and tear. Security Notification- Power up alert devices like sirens, lamps, messages. Intelligent Power Management- Power up environmental system like heaters, coolers, pumps, etc. Web server design with control through LAN/WAN network.

Supports HTTP, DDNS , SMTP, SNMP, INTERNET- fixed IP, DHCP, LAN - virtual IP. Support NTP (Network Time Protocol) - synchronize the time of the power controller to the Internet web time. Support HTTP and DHCP/IP protocol. Supports DHCP and alternate ports for Web Access.

Security password identification to ensure system stability. Watchdog design to avoid network abnormal interruptions. Timer and scheduler design to support power reboot by programming in advance. 1 Male Inlet (power in) and 4 Female AC power outlets (Power output switch via Ethernet). Input Power Voltage Range: 110V to 240V AC.

15 Amp maximum total for 4 outlets in 110V setup. 10 Amp maximum total for 4 outlets in 240V setup.

6 Amp maximum per outlet for all setup. Response Time: 10 ms max. Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 degree C.

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4-Port Remote Power Switch Web Control + RS232 Console