Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP DAEnetIP3-ET

Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP DAEnetIP3-ET
Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP DAEnetIP3-ET
Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP DAEnetIP3-ET
Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP DAEnetIP3-ET
Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP DAEnetIP3-ET
Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP DAEnetIP3-ET

Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP DAEnetIP3-ET
Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP - DAEnetIP3-ET. DAEnetIP3-Ex is Ethernet/Internet IP controller for remote management and control with Virtual Serial Port, TCP/IP, Web, HTTP API, Telnet and serial commands access. It has 16 Digital Outputs, 8 digital and 8 analog inputs and one UART port. Inputs can be adjusted to control outputs (standalone work). Also inputs of one controller can control outputs of another over the LAN/WAN (box-to-box mode).

It can send E-mails on inputs change as well. Suitable for remote control, home automation, data acquisition, sensor processing, alarm systems, PLC applications.

Now with free Android and iOS mobile App! 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface with Link Led. UART interface for RS232/RS485 serial connection with other such controllers. UART can be used also for configuration of the parameters. Power supply: 12VDC / 90mA. 1 x 16 digital outputs. 1 x 8 digital inputs. 1 x 8 analog inputs. Referent voltage: 2.5 V, resolution: 10 bits, input range: 0-2.5VDC. On boot the outputs are set with states before reset.

Built in RTC (Real Time Clock). It can be synchronized via NTP manually or automatically each 6 hours. Capacitor power backup keeps time for days during power failure. Virtual Serial Port - it may be accessed with Serial RS232 commands over TCP/IP network. Integrated WEB server with password and features like Ajax parameters reading.

TCP/IP ASCII protocol with optional RC4 encryption. All the network ports can be defined by the user. 19 modes for I/O lines such as inverting, timer, pulses, setting output via input and switch ON/OFF according particular time (scheduling).

Any input may be referred to control any output of this or another controller in the TCP/IP network. Linearization for the analog inputs - New. SMTP with authentication (SSL is not supported, only Base Auth Login). Size: 108mm x 45mm x 24mm.

Working temperature range: 0 to +70 °C. Configuration, control and monitoring software: DAEnetIP3 Manager.

Denkovi software: DAEnetIP3 Manager Windows Software. DAE-iModules - FREE iOS mobile app. DAE-aModules - FREE Android mobile app. And many others third parity software apps. NET, VB6 and BCB6 (or others by request). Documentation: DAEnetIP3 user's manual.

1 x DAEnetIP3-ET controller (the ethernet version, Wi-Fi interface is not available). 3 x plastic spacers (legs for DAEnetIP3). DAEnetIP3 Manager - downloadable from this link. (Various sensors for temperature, humidity or distnace can be connected - schematics in the user manual). Access many controllers from single IP address.

Bellow is given shortcut for instructions how to connect the device DAEnetIP3-EX for first time to router with UTP cable. In the user's manual. Are shown the rest connection types. Connect DAEnetIP3 RJ45 port with UTP (doesnt matter crossover or straight) cable.

Connect PC with the other side of the UTP cable. Change the IP of the PC.

It may be for example (DAEnetIP3 is with Supply DAEnetIP3 with power supply 12 VDC (the middle pin of DAEnetIP3 power jack is +12VDC). The power led (with red color) must be on.

Change the Eth IP address of DAEnetIP3. Make it to be in one network with your router and PC.

For example if your router is with IP and PC with, make DAEnetIP3 with Eth mask must be and Eth gateway (router IP). Disconnect the UTP cable from PC and connect it to the router.

Now you may access the DAEnetIP3 controller with router via router from PC. The middle pin of the power jack is +12VDC. There is not protection against reverse voltage.

We recommend to use power supply adaptor that outputs 12 VDC stabilized. Inproper power supply voltage will damage the device! We recommend to use this 12VDC Power Supply Adaptor. That may be found also in our store. Please contact with us if you have questions.

We sell the adaptor with one of the AC plugs for: USA, UK, EU, AUS. You may find it in our store! The controller has many modes for its inputs/outputs and all of them can be configurated by the user.

The controller allows for example analog/digital inputs to control digital outputs, digital outputs to be switched based on 2 events per day (using build in Real Time Clock), generating pulses, timers and so on. You can refer to the user manual for more info. 16 Digital Outputs (Port A). DAEnetIP3 has 16 digital outputs port.

This port is called Port A. Each output line has pull-down resistor 10 Kohm to GND.

The low level is 0V. The high level is 3.3V. Each digital output channel may be adjusted independently to work in one of the 19 modes for example just by several clicks from the drop-down web lists. 8 Digital Inputs (Port B). DAEnetIP3 has 8 digital inputs port. This port is called Port B. Each output line has pull-up resistor 10 Kohm to 3.3V. When the input is not connected, its state is high (1). The input can be monitored only, can control some PortA digital output by rising/falling edge or it can control even output from another DAEnetIP3 controller (Box-To-Box). 8 Analog Inputs (Port C). DAEnetIP3 has 8 channel analog input port (8 x ADC). The reference voltage is 2.5VDC and each channel is with 10 bit resolution (1024). The port has digital filter for avoiding the interferences. The input can be tracked only, can control some PortA digital output by crossing threshold or it can control even output from another DAEnetIP3 controller (Box-To-Box). The inputs can also be calibrated softwarely according your hardware application so they can be retreived directly in desirable units C, V, m... This is so called linearization.

Some useful information about DAE-iModules/DAE-aModules and DAEnetIP3. Enter the IP, HTTP Port and web password for the device.

Tab "Other" contains the analog input values for the hardware linearization (by DAEnetIP3) while tab "Analog Inputs" shows their original values. How to access the ip controller. Virtual Serial Port (Virtual Com Port). DAEnetIP3 and all devices that are based on it may be accessed/controlled via Virtual Serial Port. DAEnetIP3-Ex appears as VSP (COM Port) on your PC. It may be accessed with any Serial Terminal (for exaple HyperTerminal). The only thing the user has to do is to send and receive commands via the COM Port. All the TCP/IP communication is done by the driver. There is not matter if your DAEnetIP3 device is connected to your PC over LAN cable or Wireless Wi-Fi network, it will appear as VSP (COM Port) on your PC.

You need to set only the proper IP, Port and COM Port Name. Example commands and responses that are sent/received via the DAEnetIP3 VSP (COM Port).

The serial address of DAEnetIP3 is 00. Get Digital Input 1 level (Din1), counting in the commands is zero based. Get Analog Input 1 level (Ain1), counting in the commands is zero based. Set Digital Output 12 (Do12) in High level, counting in the commands is zero based.

Get the Ethernet IP address of the module. All the commands are described in the user manual DAEnetIP3_UM. DAEnetIP3 has built-in web server for configuration. All the parameters can be accessed via web browsers like Mozilla, IE and Opera.

The pages for I/O ports are refreshed automatically. In this way it is possible to track all the I/O states in real time without manually refreshing the page. The page below the text shows the page for the analog inputs. Their states are automatically refreshed each 2-3 seconds.

DAEnetIP3 controller has possibility for access via TCP/IP socket. The user may connect with custom software to port (default is 1010) that is defined for socket based TCP/IP communication. The protocol is not based on some standart, but it is developed especially for the DAEnetIP3 controller. The full description of the protocol may be found in the user manual. It is fully ASCII (strings).

The controller supports RC4 encryption/description for the TCP/IP socket communication. This is security measure that gives you basic protection.

Another security option is IP address protection, that allows only one IP to access the DAEnetIP3 via Web, Socket and Telnet. Set Digital Output 1 in Low state.

Get Analog input 1 value. Bellow are shown example commands. Please note that there is HTTP API password (by default it is admin) to prevent unauthorized access. & (get the whole PortA status of DAEnetIP3). & (send several commands at a time).

DAEnetIP3 can be easily accessed via Telnet. Simple password protection mechanizm is provided. Note that Telnet is not secure protocol, so it is recommend using only in secure networks. On the figure right to the text is shown how DAEnetIP3 controller with IP address is accessed via Telnet with Windows XP. Open command line and type. Telnet "IP of the controller". Use the passowrd, in our case this is admin. After correct login the controller responds with welcome message.

It sets all 16 DO in low level. Gets the ADC channel 0 value. Its 415; It may be from 0 up to 1023.

Gets the eight digital inputs levels. Its 00, which means all inputs are in low level. Sets all the 16 DO in high level. Ofcourse these commands are only small part. The full list may be found in the documentation.

Each DAEnetIP3 controller may be accessed via UART serial communication. The protocol is given in the documentation. This is provided in case you need RS485 network for example accessed only with one IP address.

Each controller has serial address, that is given in each packet sent to the server bridge from user software. The serial network may be accessed over LAN or WAN with user TCP/IP socket based software.

DAEnetIP3 user's manual - here. How to control DAEnetIP3 with Virtual Serial Port - here. How to connect sensors to DAEnetIP3 (schematics) - here. Mobile app for iOS mobile devices, support link here.

Mobile app for Android mobile devices, support link here. DRM Software download and support page - here. DAEnetIP3 Manager software download and support page - here. DAEnetIP3 Command line tool - here. Example how to access DAEnetIP3 via Virtual Com Port (VCP).

There is tutorial how to do this - here. The executable file is here. Example how to access DAEnetIP3 via HTTP GET commands. Example how to acess the I/O lines (does not include RC4) - download.

Java (using TCP/IP sockets) - Example how to acess the I/O lines (does not include RC4) - download. Java (using HTTP/API) - Example how to acess the I/O lines (does not include RC4) - download. Cloud home automation software by the company EdelBit.

It supports all our ethernet relays. Additional explanation how to use the software with our ethernet relays. Android application for mobile devices by iSwitch LLC, Android market link - here.

Developer's page - here. Please note if your DAEnetIP3 controller is with firmware version 1.0.0, then RC4 option must be turned off. Please note that TFTP firmware upgrade is not anymore supported. From our experience we don't recommend to use it because it is unsafe and can damage your DAEnetIP3 controller.

If you would like to upgrade your DAEnetIP3 device with the last firmware version, please contact with us and we will send you instructions. The item "Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP DAEnetIP3-ET" is in sale since Saturday, October 1, 2011.

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Ethernet controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP DAEnetIP3-ET